In the Highland Lakes of Texas

Bridge over Inks Lake on Hwy 29

Located 55 miles northwest of Austin, Texas on Highway 29, Inks Lake is the next lake down the Colorado River from Lake Buchanan.  It starts just a short distance from the base of Buchanan Dam.  With a length of 4.2 miles and a width of 3,000 feet, Inks Lake is the shortest of the first four lakes but is also one of the prettiest.

There are three towns close to Inks Lake.  Burnet is 14 miles to the east of Inks Lake.  Kingsland is 7 miles south and Llano is 17 miles to the west.

The boating and water skiing are fantastic on Inks Lake.  The view of the bridge that spans the lake and the view of the dam are very appealing.  A restaurant called "The Catfish Barge", which is actually built on a floating barge, serves great catfish dinners and offers very nice views of the lake and the bridge.


These fish hang around the Catfish Barge Restaurant looking for a free handout.  The tourists enjoy feeding them, and the fish will actually eat out of your hand.  They are wild fish that come up to the barge for a free meal.

Buck eating out of hand
Photo by Roy M. Harrell of a Buck
eating out of his hand at Inks Lake.

INKS LAKE STATE PARK is a 1,200 acre panorama of cedar and oak woodlands bordering Inks Lake.  The park offers swimming, boating, fishing, hiking, BBQing and even golf.  They have 7.5 miles of hiking trails.  Bring your camera to get terrific photos of the deer, turkeys and other wildlife.



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Inks Lake Map

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